Learn Spanish in Malaga


Population 600.000

Birthplace of Picasso, the cosmopolitan city of Malaga is blessed with sunshine and a spectacular quality of light, Malaga is a city of wide boulevards, swaying palm trees, lively nightlife, good museums and excellent seafood places and bars.. The climate in Malaga is very nice the Mediterranean coastline regulates the summer heat to a more comfortable level and the Malaga Mountains form a good barrier to protect the city from the cold.

Climate summer 32°C. Winter 16°C
To see Malaga Cathedral, Gibralfaro Castle, Malaga Walls, Alcazaba (Arabic fortress), CAC Málaga (museum of modern art), Bishop's Palace, Picasso Musseum, Harbour and Plaza de Toros de La Malagueta.
To do

Bull fighting in la Plaza de Toros, sun-see-beach at la Malagueta, enjoy "tapas" in the bars or terraces in the historical part,eat fried fish near the beach, excursions to Nerja, Ronda, Tarifa (the place to be for kite- and windsurfers), Granada, Seville, Cordoba, Morocco, etc.

  Historical Center of MalagaGreat historic monuments include the imposing Baroque Cathedral, popularly known as ‘La Manquita’ (One Armed Woman), referring to its missing east bell tower. High on the hill above the city is the Paradorof great historic importance. It was once a Moorish castle and is a wonderful place to either stay the night or have a long lunch with panoramic views over Malaga city.

Bishop Palace

As well as being a cultural centre, Malaga is also a great place to eat out, the bars and restaurants here are where the real social life takes place.

Some restaurants and bars offer a "menu of the day" with bread and wine for 6€ - 8€. Tapas, small portions of many different dishes is an Andalusian tradition and a wonderfully inexpensive way to try a variety of local food.

Sightseeing. A great way to get a good overall impression of Malaga is to hop on the Official Malaga Tour Bus. The whole tour takes under one and a half hours.

Is an excelent place to learn Spanish. Study an intensive language course in Malaga!

The School

At Alhambra Instituto in Malaga we have a warm and friendly teaching staff whose goal is to help

you progress and give you confidence in your Spanish as well as to make your stay not just enjoyable, but a lifetime memory.

  • Competitive Pricing - Affordable Spanish courses in Spain.
  • Prompt Responses - When you make an enquiry about our Spanish programs, you are sure to receive a quick response the same day.

Here you will meet people of all ages coming from all over the world and from different backgrounds and professions. Our bigger satisfaction is that we are proud of the personal attention we offer to each of our students and the atmosphere they find in our school. We welcome you and we look forward to seeing you in Malaga. We are completely sure you will love it here!
The most important precondition for the success of your Spanish stay-course is, beside your interest to learn the language, the quality of the school and the professionalism of their teachers. For more than 20 years we've been teaching spanish to students from all over the world, and we've also been working with employees from international companies, diplomats, professionals people from many differents activities. As well as corporate clients we have many individual students forming cosmopolitan groups.

School entrance
Alhambra Instituto
Situated in Pedregalejo, east Malaga
Near the beach (2 minutes walking)
Close to Bus stops
Near town center (10 minutes in bus)

10 Classrooms full of natural light
Wi-Fi wireless internet throughout the school
Computer area with free access to internet
Recreational area to relax
Andalusian patio to take sun and relax
Audiovisual hall


Malaga School


Flexibility, variety and quality: these are the elements that define Spanorama Spanish programs in Spain.

Courses starting every Monday, all year round
Minimum course duration: 1 week, and up to 1 year
Maximum 10 students per class, average 5-6
5 hours of cultural lessons and workshops every week
Combine your course in different cities!

Get to know the characteristics, destinations and prices of all of our Spanish courses in Spain on these pages.


Intensive Spanish CourseSpanish lesson

This course consists of 20 lessons each week. It's the perfect course to choose if you want to combine a stay in a foreign country with language classes or if you have business obligations. Also, if you prefer a less intensive daily schedule this is the right choice for you. Students can choose an appropriate course length to suit their needs and goals, from 2 to 24 weeks.

The program consists of an integrated approach including textbook study, listening comprehension, pronunciation practice and practice in the key structures of Spanish.



Intensive Plus Spanish Course

This course consists of 25 lessons each week. It's the perfect course to choose if you want to combine a stay in a foreign country with language classes or if you have business obligations. The program is an ideal combination of group lessons (4 each day) and individual teaching (1 hour daily). The individual lessons of this course can be dedicated to extra conversational practice, special vocabulary or business studies.

Super Intensive Spanish CourseOur teachers

This course consists of 30 lessons each week. It is designed to encourage quick progress in Spanish communication. Classes are small with 6-10 participants per group. Course duration is 1 week or more. The level of Spanish spoken in class is adjusted to fit the abilities and needs of the students.

Super Intensive Plus Spanish Course

The Super Intensive Plus course is especially designed for people who want to make the most progress in the least amount of time. The program is an ideal combination of group lessons (6 each day) and individual teaching (1 lesson daily). The individual lessons of this course can be dedicated to extra conversational practice, special vocabulary or business studies.

Six lessons daily in an Super Intensive course, as described above, plus 1 private lesson every day. With 7 lessons daily, this course maximizes the benefits of group work and individual instruction. In the private lesson your teacher can concentrate on aspects of language relevant to your particular needs.This course will enhance your grammar and fluency in conversational Spanish.


Individual (One-to-One) Spanish CourseIndividual lesson

Our Individual Spanish Course offers our participants a flexible individual learning program. The course is dedicated to the personal and specific needs of each student.

The topics are chosen according to the particular requirements and study aims of the learner, such as Spanish for business, exam preparation or specific areas of language difficulty, such as grammar work, comprehension skills and oral communication. You can choose between 3, 4 or 6 lessons daily.

D.E.L.E. Preparation Spanish Course

Upon successful completion of Intermediate or Advanced courses you can apply for the exam of the DELE Diploma Intermedio. Successful completion of the superior level course awards you pass the exam of the internationally recognized "Diploma Superior de Español como Lengua Extranjera" (D.E.L.E.: Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language).

This course takes between two and four weeks with four lessons daily.Our superior level course allows you to obtain the internationally recognized "D.E.L.E"-Diploma.

Summer Spanish CourseSpanish classes

A holiday course with a maximum of 10 students per group. We combine classes with a large variety of outdoor activities. Summer courses at the Alhambra Institituto Internacional are really something special!.

The summer course is offered at all levels from total beginner to advanced. With this course you can combine studying and a vacation. The activity program gives you many opportunities to immerse yourself in Spanish culture and explore Málaga and other cities in Andalusia. .


Spanish Courses For Groups

Of course Alhambra-Instituto also offers you and a group of friends, colleagues or fellow-students the possibility to book a group-course with an interesting discount.

1. Group from three to seven participants (small groups):

Alhambra-Instituto offers groups from 3 to 7 participants a 10% discount on the course prices. To benefit from this offer just mention “Group Discount”, and the names of the other group members in the comments section on the application form.

2. Group of more than seven participants (large groups):

For the larger groups, consisting of seven or more students, Alhambra-Instituto offers customized programmes and significantly reduced prices. We can provide tailor-made programmes for your group which can also include a range of interesting guided tours and excursions, leisure programmes, parties and sporting activities that can shed a different light on the Spanish language and culture.

 group lessons

Business Spanish Course

The Commercial Spanish Course consists of 30 hours a week. This means four hours every day in a class and Two private lesson daily. This course is only suited for people who already speak and understand Spanish at a certain level. The goal is to learn how to structure speech correctly, how to define concepts and to speak and write Spanish properly in the business world.

Topics covered in this course are for example: general business correspondence, negotiations, discussion of commercial topics, dialogues in business situations, how to create a company in Spain, commercial law and the position of Spain in the international market.




The following accommodations are available:

Spanish FamilySpanish family

Immerse yourself in the Spanish language and culture by having us arrange your accommodations with a host family. Almost 80% students choose to live with a host family during the first weeks of their program..
Staying with a host family is an important and rewarding part of the student's learning process. The students receive their own house key and are only required to bring their own towels. Students can choose half-board or full-board, as accommodation in a single or a double room. If there is more than one student with a family we will look for an international roommate in order to encourage the use of Spanish 24 hours a day.
n Spanish host Family :We ask that you reserve your accommodation in Spanish Family at least 2 weeks in advance.


Student ApartmentsShared apartment

the possibility to live in shared furnished apartment, in individual rooms (or double if you come with two friends). The minimum duration is 2 weeks. The students or the participants of our courses can reserve an apartment for them or search by themselves another type of accomodation. Thus you shared your life with 4 or 5 people of the Institute.

You have in common: a living room where you can meet or watch television, a kitchen to prepare your meals and one or more bathroom. That means that you will live with people of different nationality and that you will endeavour to speak Spanish.
Hotels & Private Apartments

If you prefer, you may also book accommodation in a hotel, pension or separate holiday apartment. The Spanish course can also be booked independently without accommodation. Those who wish to accompany students may also book accommodation.

There are plenty of hotels and pensions, some of them only 15-20 min from the school walking we can help you to find a hotel or a pension and inform you about the prices and the conditions of staying, please contact us by e-mail, phone or fax.





These are some activities you can do while study with us:

Sporst at beach
Malaga Guided tour (town center, cathedral, La Alcazaba...)
Dance classes
Spanish movie projections
Culture classes on a variety of topics: Spanish youth, Spanish wine, literature, art...
Weekend Excursions to Andalusia towns, Morocco...
"Tapas" tour
Weekly "paella" or Barbecue organised at school.





Dates and Prices Our popularity compared to other Spanish Colleges relies on our good Spanish tuition quality for competitive low prices. The qualified and dedicated team provides efficient and accurate Spanish as a Foreign Language courses..Our Spanish courses are among the most competitive in Spain. You won't find any other Spanish courses in Spain that offer the same level of quality for the same prices. We offer special prices for long term students or pre-booked courses:

If you study with us for more than 12 weeks you get a 15% discount on your tuition cost (in Malaga)
If you study with us for more than 20 weeks you get a 20% discount on your tuition cost (in Malaga)
Enrolment fee: 40 euro

  Spanish course in Malaga
  1 Extra
  ENROLMENT FEE     40   40   40   40        
  SEMI-INTENSIVE 10   10 lessons
215   300   385   85  
  15 lessons -   245   350   455   105    
  20 lessons 140
280   420   560   140  
  24 lessons 175
350   525   700   174  
  30 lessons 215
430   645   860   215  
  COMBINED 20 + 5   Intensive course +
5 Individual lessons
285   570   855   1140   285    
  DELE PREPARATION 20 + 5   Intensive course +
5 Individual DELE lessons
285   570   855   1140   285    
  COMBINED 30 + 5   Super-Intensive course +
5 Individual lessons
360   720   1080   1440   360    
  SPANISH for PROFESSIONALS 20 + 10   Intensive course +
10 Individual lessons
430   860   1290   1720  




  Intensive course+
5 Group DELE lessons
205   410   615   820   205    
  1 YEAR COURSE (35 weeks)

  20 lessons                    
  1 SEASON COURSE (15 weeks)
  20 lessons


  50 + SPANISH 15
  15 lessons -   245   350   455   105    
  INDIVIDUAL 15   15 Individual lessons 435   870   1305   1740   435    
  INDIVIDUAL 20   20 Individual lessons 580   1160   1740   2320   580    
  INDIVIDUAL 30   30 Individual lessons 870   1740   2610   3480   870    
  INDIVIDUAL lesson (minim. 5)                         29

All levels. Available all year.
No Application fee. You must pay only books and didactic materials.

Study books and materials first month
Entry level test (if required)
End of course exam and diploma
Free internet access and wifi
Access to book and DVD library
Student Services Help
The free weekly social activities
Free Spanish film night, every week
Complementary culture classes

Accommodation Prices:

Host Family (prices per week)

Half Board
Full Board
  Host family Double room 150€ Consult
  Individual room 190€ Consult

Price in Spanish Family includes: Bed linen, blankets, laundry once per week & meals
Supplement in Spanish Family:
Extra day double room (max. 3 days) 35€ per day
Extra day single room (max. 3 days) 45€ per day

High season supplements (Malaga: from June 7th to September 27th)
Double room: 38€ per week
Single room: 57€ per week

Note: Double room only available for 2 students traveling together.

Shared Student Apartments (prices per week)

  Apartment Double room 75€
  Individual room 90€

NOTE: The students should contact our central office in order to be informed about the place and the time to pick up the keys of their rooms. The students must respect all rules and regulations set by families, residences and shared flat administrations. If there is damage to the premises, the student must pay the corresponding amount.

NOTE for appartments: It is necessary to leave a deposit upon arrival (150€ payable in cash or with credit card authorization). The deposit shall be returned to the student at the end of the stay provided there are no damages to the apartment.